About NTC

History of the Public Transport

  • 1907-Introduce of first Public Transport Service from Colombo to Chillaw
  • 1940-Commissioner of Motor Traffic decided to minimum fares for every routes
  • 1958- Established Central Transport Board. 2500 company buses operated under CTB
  • 1968- Route expanded. Improved productivity. New fleet introduced.
  • 1978- Established nine regional boards. Introduced less fares. Poor management. Heavy loss and political influences.
  • 1979- Invited to private sector to invest in transport sector due failure of regional Companies.
  • 1980- 5000 private buses fly on the routes which selected as operators wish. This harmfully effected to regional buses.
  • 1990-Established Peoplized Bus companies by aiming reduce burn on Treasury
  • 1998- Due to poor management at Depot level, peoplized Companies gathered under Regional transport Companies.
  • 1991-NTC Introduced to regulate inter Provincial bus services and established regional transport authorities to regulate intra bus services under 13 constitution.
  • National Transport Commission Established for advice the Government on the national policy relating to passenger transportation by omnibus and implementation of such policy; to provide for financial support for the certain passenger transport services.