Public Complain - 1955
Bus Time Tables
With over a 100 year history of bus transportation in Sri Lanka, there are at present approx. 23,000 buses active around the country of which approx.  18,000 buses are of the private sector. For healthy competition among operators in the bus service, the National Transport Commission has introduced the coordinated bus services and rotated time table system.
Advantages of this system to passengers include a) Ease of traffic congestion b) Adequate number of buses at peak hours c) Ending over-crowding of buses d) Higher level of services
Advantages to operators include a) Similar profits / income b) Elimination of idling of buses at terminals /cities. c) Build stability in the bus industry
Preparation of Scientific Time Tables
 Identification stops, distance, number of issued permits and actual number of buses available of particular route or corridor
Identification existing length of traffic day and its variations
Conduct the survey (screen line counts and onboard survey)
Development of demand graph and calculation of headways, adjustment of   traffic day
Providing operators and passengers associations the summery information of
the route and obtaining of written views.
Making proposed time table using computer software as a roistering and
implementation of the time table
Obtaining written comments of operators and passengers after the implementation of time table and conduct a follow up screen line survey to monitor effectiveness of time table and to follow any such revision as may be required as per procedure laid down above
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